Groceries for Good

Connecting high schoolers with individuals to help pick up and deliver groceries.


Our Mission

Whether you are an at-risk individual, a busy employee working for home, or someone with difficult circumstances preventing them from easily shopping (new moms, for example), Groceries for Good was started for the purpose of helping you out! We know that circumstances are extremely difficult for everybody right now, so we are seeking to help others through the simple task of grocery shopping. 

Groceries for Good matches local high school volunteers with busy individuals who need help shopping. When you submit our "Need Groceries Delivered?" form, you are put into our database and matched up with a volunteer. Then, the volunteer will get you what you want, when you want! All this for no cost!


How It Works

Individuals with Difficult Circumstances

Get matched with a high school student in your neighborhood who you can reach out to help you run errands and grocery shop!​

High School Volunteers

Get matched with an individual in your neighborhood who will reach out to you when they need help running errands and grocery shopping!​

How your process works:

  • Fill out the "Need Groceries Delivered?" form to be matched to a volunteer shopper

  • Once matched, your shopper will reach out to you via your preferred method of communication

  • After introducing yourselves, feel free to text/call/email your shopper with your request!

  • Text or write out your grocery list, and provide the list to your shopper.

  • Agree on a method of payment with the shopper. We accept both Venmo and cash.

  • Your shopper will pick up the list and money, head to the store, and return with your (sanitized) groceries and change!

  • If you have any requests during this process, reach out to your shopper.

  • Tips are not expected

How your process works:

  • Once matched, reach out to your buddy via their preferred method of communication

  • Introduce yourself and be prepared for a text/call/email with your match!

  • Receive the provided grocery list. Agree on the method of payment for the groceries.

  • Head to the store, shop for the items on the list, and sanitize them before delivering them to your match's home


Meet Our Team



Senior at the Loyola High School of Los Angeles. Passionate about helping others and minimizing the effects of COVID-19.

Hudson O'Hanlon

Executive Director


Freshman at Southern Methodist University. Enjoys helping others and working for his community. 



Junior at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Strives to encourage students to seek leadership roles and elicit change within communities. 

Henry Kupiec

Sofie Kupiec